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My name is Ron Linn. I love clay, and all things clay. Please forgive the mess. I am in the process of putting all new content on my website. Let's just say there were some very impolite people hacking my site.


Wood Fired

Selected pieces from several wood firings. Random order, just fun stuff.

Completed Train

Building A Train

Our train kiln was built in March 2006 during a Pre-NCECA workshop taught by Master Kiln builder Donovan Palmquist. Wood firing, and in this case kiln building, require a community of willing like-minded souls collaborating for a common goal. This kiln was the realization of that goal. The following pictures are of 'the crew' who helped in this journey, and a photo history of the kilns construction.


Building A Salt Kiln

Join Bob and I as we go through the building process. "Now that we had the brick, we just needed a place to build. With permission from Bob's wife Gail we annexed her tool shed. It was the perfect size, and out of the weather. Bob had built the shed years earlier and all that was required was a little floor leveling with a large grinder and the cement pad was ready to start construction. Abracadabra, we had our 'Kiln Shed'..."